Web And Mobile Solutions

Your Airport's Virtual Front Door

If airports are the gateway to their communities, think of websites as the gateway to airports. Your website is the first place the public looks to get information about where you are, what services you provide, and where you fly. And for today’s savvy traveler, basic websites aren’t enough. An airport website should be dynamic and beautiful. It should feature the best of the community its airport serves. It should be built in responsive design so it can be viewed from any device. It should comply with federal ADA standards.

These tenets are the foundation of each web project at Sixel, and we strive every day to bring them to life. We stay current with the industry’s ever-shifting technologies. We work seamlessly with an airport’s FIDS provider and its advertising partners. We provide airport-specific tools that allow passengers to book trips, track flights, and understand the true cost of their travel. The results are clean, comprehensive websites that present the airport in the best possible light.

But we don’t stop there: Sixel’s development team has also created powerful add-on tools that can educate passengers, assist during emergencies, and even generate revenue. See examples of our recent work below. For more information on website development, contact Mark Sixel at mark@sixelc.com.