True Market Study

Your Airport’s Sphere Of Influence

Sixel knows that Department of Transportation statistics and airline reports only tell part of a region’s story. That’s why we work so hard to make sure we have a “true market” vision for each of our airport clients. This is data that is not readily available to airline planners, and therefore, is an essential tool to tell the full story of your catchment area.

Sixel’s True Market Study gives the real picture of the strength of an air service market, supplementing traditional data sources with information gathered from tens of thousands of locally purchased tickets reported by domestic carriers to the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC). Not only does an airport get a look at its true market size, but also a view of which airports in the region its passengers are most frequently using (leakage), why they drive, and what the local airport can do to better serve people who live in its catchment area. For larger or regional

airports, the TMS is a great tool to calculate the reach of your airport and the extended region that you draw passengers from, including smaller competitive airports in your larger region.

Finally, Sixel’s True Market Studies take the additional step lacking in some competing reports: calculating airline traffic to those LCC and ULCC carriers that do not presently report data to ARC. This important information provides your airport’s complete story.

True Market Studies are a key component in helping our partners secure new routes, and we’re
happy to provide one to your airport. For more information, contact Mark Sixel at