True Market Study – Passenger Analysis

Get to Know Your Travelers

Dive deep into who your passengers are. With this enhanced True Market Study, you will be able to learn many of the key factors of the original TMS, but also gain crucial marketing insight. Knowing who flies through your airport will enable your airport to advertise most effectively. Uncover detailed passenger demographics, learn when travelers purchase tickets, determine your breakdown of business and leisure travelers, and much more with this remarkable tool.

Details in this comprehensive study include:
• Ticket purchaser demographics: age, sex, race, income, zip code
• Average fare costs broken out by business, economy and leisure
• The percentage of passengers buying tickets through Online Travel Agencies
• Battleground zip codes for departing passengers
• Percentage of passengers who have English as their second language
• Which airports your passengers are leaking to
• Your airport’s strongest markets
• Your airport’s most popular airlines

The report provides details on a market by market basis—the breakdown of passengers traveling to Chicago, for example—allowing airport marketing staff to tailor its advertising to a precise (and cost effective) audience.