Sixel Assists Greenville to Secure Reliable Low Fare EAS Service

Project Description

Greenville lost its network carrier service in 2012. The EAS-eligible community then experienced three-plus years of inconsistent EAS air service. During this timeframe enplanements declined so much that the DOT issued a termination notice regarding Greenville’s continued eligibility for EAS program participation.

In the 2015 EAS bid cycle, Greenville was able to gain a reliable and reasonably priced dual hub air service (Dallas and Nashville) provided by Boutique Airlines. Sixel Consulting Group stood with Greenville through the entire three-plus year process, including defending the community against the DOT EAS eligibility termination notice. We also recruited Boutique Air and assisted the carrier in designing a service proposal that is successful for the community, the carrier, and the DOT EAS program. Sixel Consulting specializes in assisting small communities, and EAS communities, with their air service challenges.

Project Details

  • Client : Greenville Mid Delta Regional Airport
  • Project Completed : 22 May 2016
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