Sixel Assists Albany Secure Chicago Service

Project Description

Albany was one of the largest markets on the East Coast without service on American from its hub in Chicago. In fact, until the merger with US Airways, American did not serve Albany from any of its hubs. Although Albany was connected to the American network after the merger with service to Philadelphia, Washington, and Charlotte hubs, a business case we presented to American demonstrated American’s share of traffic in markets that could flow via Chicago was a distant fourth to Delta, United, and Southwest.

The new American service to Chicago is Albany’s second significant new air service in recent months. In December, JetBlue entered the Albany market with service to both Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale. The three new routes, coupled with additional capacity on existing routes, increase Albany’s airline capacity 15.3 percent in second quarter 2015. If airline capacity at your airport is not trending up, give us a call and we’ll discuss opportunities to reverse capacity trending in the wrong direction!

Project Details

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