Aeromar Expands Its “Pacific Route” to Tucson

Project Description

Tucson has long been the “gateway to Sonora,” but for years there was no way to fly between Tucson and any city in Mexico. The city of 1.3 million people ranked as one of the largest in the US without a non-stop flight to Mexico.

Sixel consultants spent more than four years working with the Airport, Visit Tucson, and other community leaders to develop strong connections with both Mexican airlines and regional Sonoran leadership. These connections paid off when Aeromar announced its newest route: Tucson — Hermosillo.

The key piece of data to bring the business plan together was one that was hard to get. Aeromar planners needed to understand how many people bought tickets for the frequent bus service between Hermosillo and Tucson, what they paid, and if they would fly. Working through US Customs and Border Protection data, Sixel was able to develop a year-by-year profile of this bus traffic. It proved Aeromar needed just 3% of passengers to switch to the airline to make service successful.

Sometimes the key piece of data to land a new route requires digging deeper. That’s one of the things Sixel does well. Our consultants will spend the extra time to do whatever it takes to best position our clients for success.

Project Details

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