Passenger Analysis Tools: Airport Traffic Quarterly and Airport Traffic Monthly

Key Indicators You Need to Know

Sixel’s Airport Traffic Quarterly (ATQ) and its paired Airport Traffic Monthly (ATM) is one of the most successful data products available, selling hundreds of copies per year. Customized for each airport, the ATQ/ATM gives an in-depth look at each market, on a quarterly and monthly basis. It provides an essential update, identifying key indicators such as passenger statistics by market and airline in your market as well as how that compares to national fluctuations. You’ll receive details on passengers, revenue, fares, and yields via the ATQ; passengers, seats, load factors, and more via the ATM. But what sets our ATQs apart from other products is its ease of use—written in terms anyone can understand, these reports help you tell your airport story to reporters, stakeholders, and airlines alike.

These reports can be developed for your local airport, to track what’s happening at a competing airport, or reports can be summarized at the regional or state level.