Global Route Development Services

Connecting You To North America

Sixel’s longstanding relationships with US airlines have helped our domestic airport clients for more than 20 years, and these same relationships can further route development the world over. Our comprehensive data reports, compelling airline presentations, and strategic marketing plans are major tools in our route-development arsenal that can help airports on any continent achieve new service.

Sixel has a special skill in working with non-US airports looking for representation to North American carriers flying overseas. As a US company, we are a formidable and cost-effective solution to working with North American–based carriers and attending North American based–conferences.

For airports that are looking to develop route service on their own, Sixel can provide in-house staff training tailored to an airport’s specific needs. Our customized courses cover data training, route forecasting, and aviation marketing.

Whichever country we work in, we speak the same language: aviation.