Developing International Service from US Markets

Bringing The World To You

The worldwide transition to a global economy has changed travel patterns, even in smaller communities. In 2014, almost 17 percent of all passengers in the United States flew on international itineraries. This means that many US airports—including regional markets—are now prime targets for international service.

Thanks to industry consolidation in North America (over the past 10 years, North American airports have seen zero growth in available seats, with most growth in Asia, Europe and Latin America), the opportunity for new service is now weighted toward international carriers like British Airways, Norwegian, Icelandair, Air Berlin, and more. Sixel offers you economies of scale to have your business case delivered to all of these airlines without the cost of traveling the world on your own. Sixel’s existing presence at several annual international conferences allows us to represent your airport to global airlines and domestic carriers that have capacity to fly international routes.

Beyond conference representation, our team can help your airport develop its airline incentive program, coordinate community partnership, and ensure your business case is ready for the global market. With Sixel at your side, international air service opportunities are no longer a world away.