At Sixel Consulting Group, air service development is at the heart of everything we do.  Our core mission is to connect our partner communities with new flights and opportunities.  We are experts at setting our communities apart in the eyes of the airlines.


Our air service development methodology relies on rock solid research, decades of experience in airline and airport management, strong data-based arguments, and top-level connections at virtually every airline in North America.  We get to the heart of each market’s air service deficiencies, develop innovative research to argue for new service, and use our connections to make sure each new route case gets heard.


Our research includes highly respected True Market Studies, Air Service Surveys, individual business interviews, and other demographic and data analyses.


Our airline presentations have won accolades in boardrooms around the country – from “AA” to “ZK.”  We don’t just rely on power point; in many cases, we go into a community and interview the major air travel generators, telling their story in a professional airline recruitment and social media video.


We also put our experience to work writing federal Small Community Air Service Development Grants for dozens of clients around the country.  In the last four years, we’ve won more than $6 million in Grant money for our partner communities.  In most cases, the communities' support of the new services that grants helped us recruit have exceeded expectations.


All of us at Sixel Consulting Group love what we do.  We live and breathe aviation.  And we take great pride in the relationships we’ve built with aviators around the world.


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