Air Service Development

Connecting Communities to the World

At Sixel Consulting Group, air service development is at the heart of everything we do. Our core mission is to connect our partner communities with new flights and opportunities. We are experts at setting our airports apart in the eyes of the airlines.

Sixel’s air service development methodology is rooted in building relationships, drawing on our experience to determine what will and won’t work, and using our connections to get airports in front of their target airlines. With former airline personnel as part of our team, we know what information is important to airlines—and how to deliver it in compelling ways.

Top-level airline execs continually tell us our presentations are among the best in the industry. They are comprehensive, firmly rooted in data, and most of all, effective. We know each airport often gets just one shot to make its best case for new air service, and so we put tremendous emphasis on using innovative arguments to convince airlines that our partner communities are the best places for them to land their most in-demand aircraft.